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SimranNEW_Jason Gregory11-23-15   Jason Gregory: The Science of Humility

The effortless universal virtue of humility is what evokes enlightenment in life. The big problem with this mystical virtue is generally we only have fleeting moments of its power, as we constantly get sucked back into the subjective dramas of the world in our mind. As a result, we revere the sage for their sustained absorption in the lowest and paradoxically most powerful state of humility. A master absorbed in the humble and most refined state of consciousness has truly accepted life as it is. They have no desire to promote their own agenda, as from this state all agendas have evaporated like dewdrops on a hot sunny day. – Jason Gregory, The Science and Practice of Humility.

Jason Gregory is a spiritual philosopher, independent scholar, writer, and teacher specializing in the fields of Eastern philosophy, Western esotericism, comparative religion, psychology, culture, and ancient civilizations.

Jason is the author of two books and the creator of one documentary. He is the author of the highly acclaimed ‘The Science and Practice of Humility’ and the cult classic ‘Way of the Weirdo’, and the writer and director of the documentary ‘The Sacred Sound of Creation’.

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