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Granddaughther Crow08-05-22 Belief, being and BEYOND: Granddaughter Crow

A radical new cognitive framework for under- standing the mysteries of the complex Universe in which we live. Encompass the views and perspectives of seemingly disparate belief systems to create a foundational new paradigm for understanding cultural perspectives. What does Christianity have in common with the tarot? What does Paganism have in common with Navajo creation stories? What does Jesus have in common with the Hindu deity Manu? Granddaughter Crow will enlighten you to the fact that there is far more that unites our varied human systems of belief than we may have ever considered.

Granddaughter Crow (Dr. Joy Gray) holds a doctorate in leadership. Internationally recognized as a medicine person, she comes from a long line of spiritual leaders as a member of the Navajo Nation. She is an award-winning author. Her three titles are The Journey of the Soul, Wisdom of the Natural World (Llewellyn 2021), and Belief, Being, and Beyond (Llewellyn, June 2022.) Founding CEO of The Eagle Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization. She dedicates her life to inspiring, encouraging, and empowering individuals to be their authenticity.

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