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Thursday 7am & 7pmET

Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich, MSN RN

Taking Healing Outside the Box of Conventional Medicine to empower you to find your own unique path to health and wellness

Diane Vich, a Registered Nurse, Hypnotist and Health Coach brings a unique perspective as a health provider and chronic illness warrior. She uses her personal experience and expertise to connect the conventional and alternative realms of medicine. She spreads her powerful story to shed light on the disease process from a unique perspective. One of her favorite statements is “Your medical history doesn’t have to be your fate.” She proved this inspirational message by overcoming her own debilitating genetic condition, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. She truly enjoys spreading knowledge to bridge the gap between these two distinctly different realms of medicine. Her podcast empowers individuals to find their own unique wellness by looking outside of the box. Her inspirational message resonates throughout her podcast to shed light on the power of the mind in the healing process. Her powerful perspective inspires transformation by tapping into the body’s natural healing potential and stop the cycle of unnecessary surgeries and prescriptions. Each show offers a unique synergy of conventional and alternative modalities to empower personal transformation.

“People always tell me I bring a unique magic to their lives with my happy attitude, positive mindset and refreshing ideas that inspire change in the world.” Diane hopes to spread her inspirational outlook to empower transformation in your life. Her friends and family used to tell her she belonged inside a bubble with all her health issues, symptoms and allergies. She uses this little secret to joke often by saying “Let me help you pop the bubble of symptoms, disease and illness.” She strongly believes the mind is a powerful tool and connecting with your unique healing powers is an amazing gift the human body can achieve to Thrive. Let’s Thrive together as we develop a mind, body and soul connection to transform your bodies healing potential.


New! The Truth about IBS and Anxiety: Erasing The Symptoms Effortlessly, author Diane Vich

Need a solution to your IBS so you can finally stop the bloating?
Need to stop the anxiety and panic?
Need to take control of your chronic pain?

The big problem with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Leaky Gut is that countless doctor’s visits leave you feeling hopeless and misunderstood. Add your anxiety to the mix and the symptoms become even more overwhelming. Are you sick of people telling you to relax. Doctors can’t provide any real solutions or answers for the extreme symptoms: severe bloat, cramps, abdominal pain, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion. Does this frequent question make you want to scream: “Are you pregnant?” Does it make you cringe as you look down at your bloated belly? The frustration only grows as your symptoms progressively worsen. Diane Vich is a true warrior in the IBS, Chronic Pain and Anxiety battle. She transformed her pain and symptoms by combining her professional career (Registered Nurse, Hypnotist, and Health Coach) and her personal experience. She used her journey to create new strategies to reverse the damage from her Leaky Gut and EDS III

Broadcasts Weekly Thursday 7am & 7pmET

Diane’s Health Topic This Week

Thursday 7am/7pmET

Global Healing Series: High Performance Confidence Coach with Oscar Guerrero

Diane interviews her former Mindset Coach – Oscar Guerrero on the last inspirational episode of Goddess Unleashed.  Oscar is an amazing High Performance Confidence Coach.  Diane shares her rollercoaster journey to inspire us to shift from a scarcity mindset to a prosperity mindset for 2021.  Oscar also faced difficult challenges in 2020 and used these strategies to shift himself into gratitude. They share their insights on the importance of gratitude to shift negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. Diane shares her experience as an empath with various triggers that induced mindset amnesia.  This high stress environment caused her to avoid her self-loving practices and revert to old patterns.  Diane shares the fear that spiraled her into a stress response when her Crappy to Happy story was ready for publication.  Her subconscious took over and sent her into a rollercoaster of negative emotions.  Oscar shares the importance of compassion towards yourself during difficult times to focus on self-love.  And as you love yourself more you begin to accept yourself and shift your mindset to one of gratitude.

Diane and Oscar emphasize the importance of changing these emotions within us with self-loving practices and exercise.  Diane shares a unique kids mindset song and dance on this episode as she uravels her fear of being seen. Watch the adorable Giggle Wiggle video on her Kids Mindset Goddess Channel.  Diane is excited to continue to spread love and hope with her mood boxes, mindset lessons and kids inspiration on this channel. She sends you all much love and light for a prosperous 2021 and thanks you for your support on her podcast journey.  She reminds us in this powerful episode the true shifts that happen when you give love and hope to those in need. Diane and Oscar inspire us to reach for success by shifting away from negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Oscar shares the importance of gratitude to transform your mood during times of grief, sadness and chaos.  The episode is filled with strategies to shift our mood for a prosperous 2021.  This episode was dedicated to Oscar and his son Olly.

Donate to support kids facing hardships and spread love and hope this year or Buy mood boxes (a box will be donated with your purchase).

Oscar is a High Performance Confidence Coach.  He specializes in helping ambitious, high performing professionals and business owners tap into their true confidence so that they get “unstuck.” advance their careers and make more money. Having struggled mightily with low-self esteem and social anxiety as a child and young adult, Oscar dedicated himself to studying and investing in personal development bootcamps and programs. His son Olly passed away in early 2020 and he continues to push through his grief and internal resistance to impact the world around him.

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The Truth about IBS and Anxiety: Erasing The Symptoms Effortlessly
by Services LLC. Learn more here:

Learn more about Diane here:



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Goddess Unleashed with Diane VichBio: Diane Vich is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.  She dedicated her nursing career to helping children in the Pediatric Emergency.  She truly enjoys spreading knowledge to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine.  She is a transformation author of The Truth about IBS and Anxiety: Erasing The Symptoms Effortlessly. She enjoys teaching the new nursing generations as an adjunct faculty professor at Barry University. Before her nursing journey she was a Special Education Teacher and actively supports the special needs community.  She is the secretary on the board of trustees for Miami Family Friendly Hands a non-profit in Miami that empowers children and families with special needs. She enjoys spending time with this special community because she truly understands the challenges they face since she personally overcame her own attention issues and learning disabilities.

Diane’s transformation began when she adopted holistic healing modalities while facing a debilitating illness, chronic pain, fatigue and a multitude of health issues.  Her illness used to require her to take more 13 prescription medications each day in her 30s. She courageously worked to leave a life of chronic prescription use and surgeries behind.  She is grateful that she found a state of wellness for herself and brings hope to others with her story. She overcame her chronic illness and health issues through nutrition, supplementation, climactic stretch, hypnosis, alternative therapies and emotional healing, Diane not only transformed her health but reconnected with her long lost sexuality which brought to light the significant impact illness has on the female reproductive system. She looks back on her life with anxiety and chronic health issues with gratitude.  She is overwhelmingly grateful for the journey that helped her find her health, happiness and joy. She is thankful for all her pain because it helps her bring hope and inspiration to others.

Diane continued her educational path to truly transform her clients experience in achieving their goals.  She enjoys taking courses on personal development. She continuously expands her knowledge by learning about new alternative therapies and treatments.  She obtained her hypnotist certification to take her practice to the next level by helping clients transform their lives exponentially faster by combining hypnosis and alternative therapies.  Diane now helps women connect with their sexual power and heal past trauma through workshops and coaching. She believes that sacred sexual energy is the key to creativity, power, self-actualization and fulfillment.

As a child, Diane was diagnosed with learning disabilities and worked hard to be mainstreamed out of special classes.  She later returned to private school education and excelled in school. She continuously surpassed her own expectations by getting honors recognition throughout her education.  She graduated from her Bachelor’s and Master’s Education with honors recognition.

Diane currently lives in Miami, Florida, USA.  Diane in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and community of women.  She also loves supporting the community through education, counseling, children’s books and innovation to transform the lives of children and families.  She enjoys the beach and outdoors with her husband and two sons. She aspires to own a home on the beach to spend more time with the ocean and nature.


Bubble Bee author Diane Vich








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