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Diane Vich11-04-20 Global Healing Series: Episode 1

Diane was inspired by her first interview of Jess Campmans to collaborate in a Global Healing Podcast series.  Diane and Jess collaborated to create the first episode of Global Healing with meditation and intuitive horse wisdom.  This episode is meant to inspire us to evolve and grow through life’s challenges.  Diane shares a special healing meditation on this episode to inspire us to feel energy, love and gratitude every morning.  Diane pushed through her grief to create and record this meditation to help you manifest beautiful day.  Jess Campmans shares her horse wisdom and intuitive messages in the second half.  Jess explains her intuitive insights that came as Diane recorded the first half of the meditation (Recorded 4 days after the tragic loss of Diane’s cousin).  Diane and Jess both share insights they both experience through nature during the live recording.  Diane invites you to listen to the Beautiful Day meditation daily for 21 days to truly tap into feelings of gratitude to manifest a beautiful day.  Using the meditation will help you shift the negative voice and self-limiting beliefs to empower a mindset shift. (Diane dedicates this special emotional episode to her cousin Carina that unexpectedly passed on October 5, 2020.)

First Episode with Jess Campmans

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