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09-21-23 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #543 is an hour of visionary acoustic improvisational music played by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, kalimba, mandolin, Native flute, acoustic guitar, shruti box and ukulele, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on Native drums.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts at the beginning of September 2023,  today’s show begins with the languid, unhurried “Reflect Your Light”, a gentle prayer featuring a lovely vocal from Mariam in conversation with her Native flute and detailed baroque piano from Bob.  “Somebody Before You” is a skipping folk song led by Mariam’s chiming mandolin and “Let’s Believe We’ll Rise” is a gorgeous, mystical song energized by Mariam’s driving, tight acoustic guitar work.  “Comtemplation” is an easeful country gospel song featuring a fine, reverent vocal from Mariam above Craig’s heartbeat Native drumming and “Calling Us Home” is a gorgeous song from Mariam’s “Release” album, rendered with power and imagination, with fine playing from the whole band supporting an impassioned vocal from Mariam.  “Rivers Of Peace” is an evocative spacious raga underpinned by Mariam’s shruti box and tense, modal piano from Bob and “To Begin Again With Hope” is a powerful, gorgeous prayer with a soaring, inspired vocal from Mariam and virtuosic, dancing piano from Bob.  Today’s show finishes with the “Gaea Star Goddesses” track “Yemanja”, a mystical ode to the Yoruban ocean goddess rendered with a rhythm and blues twist.

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