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03-23-23 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #522 is an hour of visionary, deeply creative acoustic improvised music featuring the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, Native flute, acoustic guitar, 6- and 8-string ukulele, harmonica and shruti box, Bob Sherwood on piano and bass guitar and Craig Harris on Native drums and congas.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio and mixed at Dragonfly Sound, today’s episode begins with the wistful “Shamaya”, a beautiful ballad that explores and honors both the wild and gentle aspects of our domestic animals that features a lovely live and overdubbed vocal and lyrical Native flute from Mariam.  “Let’s Raise The Bar” is a sprightly, dancing piece driven by Mariam’s bouncing ukulele and “Finding Our Way” is a smooth blues supported by Bob’s stride piano and Craig’s tight drumming as Mariam alternates between her hopeful, inspiring lyric and bluesy harmonica.  The song moves into a stately, inspired gospel vibe and returns to tight blues for the coda with fine New Orleans piano from Bob as Mariam decorates with harmonica.  “Singing For Everyone” is a peaceful folk ballad carried along by Mariam’s sparkling acoustic guitar and “Calling In Spring” is an Island blues with Mariam’s chiming 8-string uke and Bob’s Eastern-leaning piano bookending a wide, generous set of ethnic influences to present a hopeful, childlike prayer for spring.  “Star Ray” is a wistful, pretty minor exploration set in motion by Mariam’s light ukulele and beautiful melody and “Hold On To Your Passions” is a sprawling, deeply creative exploration that slowly climbs to a driving, intense, impassioned zenith in a powerful dance of Native drum, Native flute and piano before slowly drifting away in an evocative mixture of jazz, classical and minimalist moves.

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