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10-29-21 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #465 was recorded live at Singing Brook Studios in Worthington, Massachusetts in October of 2021 and is an hour of visionary acoustic improv music featuring the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, Native flute, ukulele, dulcimer and acoustic guitar, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on Native drums and congas.  Today’s first piece is the compelling “The Way To Freedom”, a powerful prayer to freedom featuring imaginative work from the band and a fine vocal from Mariam.  “Far And Wide” is a lush minor ballad led by Mariam’s acoustic guitar and Craig’s steady congas in consort, and “Wash It All Away” is a beautiful, swirling piece featuring dynamic, emotional Native flute and vocals from Mariam and imaginative, shifting piano from Bob as it evolves into a stately gospel coda.  “Facing The West In The Night” is a gorgeous, sedate prayer to the half moon with a fine vocal from Mariam and “Every Day Is The Perfect Day” is a playful, childlike prayer given a bouncing, upbeat groove with Mariam’s 8-string ukulele and Craig’s congas as it slowly evolves into a jazzy, minimalist groove with imaginative piano figurations from Bob.  “Put A Smile In Your Heart Today” is a fine, dancing folk song driven by Mariam’s chiming 9-string uke as Bob evolves a series of piano motifs that enrich the soundstage with gradual, patient shifts.

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