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08-05-21 Today on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #453 the Gaea Star Band welcomes very special guest, singer/songwriter AJ Kiernan who presents some of her brilliant, poignant songs and helps the band ace some versions of Mariam’s songs.  With Mariam Massaro on vocals, ukulele, acoustic guitar and Native flute, Craig Harris on congas and Native drums, Bob Sherwood on piano and AJ on vocals, acoustic guitar and ukulele, today’s show begins with a driving, tight, precise take of Mariam’s song “Distant Star” featuring fine acoustic guitar from AJ before she sings her beautiful, powerful “Find Me” with the band providing a whole lot of character.  Back to Mariam for her lush song “One More Day” here delivered with a relaxed, inviting confidence as Mariam drives the groove with her acoustic guitar and AJ syncopates on her six string ukulele.  The band then kicks into a gorgeous, reggae-folk powerhouse of a version of Mariam’s “Shamiyaya” that features a fine rhythm section and a great vocal from Mariam.  AJ presents her heavily swinging “There’s Got To Be” with a gorgeous vocal and bluesy native flute and piano from Mariam and Bob.  AJ sings her incredibly affecting “Just Like You” next, an exquisite country-gospel ballad that features AJ’s gorgeous vocal, harmonies and fine Native flute from Mariam, stately gospel piano from Bob and a heartbeat pulse from Craig.  Next up is Mariam’s mystical “Feast In The Forest”, a midnight tale told ‘round a fire with a myth beautifully sung by Mariam over a fundamental, earthy groove.  AJ’s driving protest song “Right Or Wrong” is given a powerful treatment by the band to wrap up today’s varied and deeply evocative show.

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