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02-25-21 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #431 Part Two was recorded in February 2021 at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts, and is an hour of live improvised acoustic music featuring the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, kalimba and Native flute, Bob Sherwood on piano and Robin Rooney on vocals, djimbe and kalimba.  Today’s show begins with the serene, meditative “Every Moment” with Mariam and Robin’s kalimba rhythms supported by evocative piano from Bob.  “We Are One” is a mystical minor folk song driven by Mariam’s chiming acoustic guitar and “Perhaps We Can Build A Bridge” features a beautiful melody from Mariam and electronically treated piano from Bob.  “Sail To The Realms” is a love song from the “Smooth Sailin’ Love Songs” LP and “The Crystal Ice Queen’s Coming” celebrates winter with a frosty, upbeat rhythm section underpinned by Mariam’s 8-string ukulele.  “The Fires Of Awakening” is a mystical, evocative and driving piece with an inspiring, fiery lyric from Mariam echoed powerfully by Robin that concludes today’s show.

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