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02-11-21 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #430 is an hour of visionary acoustic improvisational music and songs by Mariam Massaro, featuring the Gaea Star Band with Mariam on vocals, Native flute, harmonica, acoustic guitar and ukulele, Robin Rooney on vocals, percussion and djimbe, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and Native drums.  Recorded in February 2021 at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts, today’s show begins with the country blues of “Filled With Glowing Love”, a swinging western song driven by Mariam’s acoustic guitar and blues piano from Bob.  “Hallelujah Can You See It In The Mist”, is a spacious, peaceful reverie with steady, compelling percussion from Craig and Robin and lovely vocals from Mariam and Robin.  The piece breaks down into a sparse, psychedelic jam with powerful native flute from Mariam before drifting away on a carpet of lush piano chords.  “Wake Up Humanity” is a hip little folk song with a simple message from Mariam and “You Can Feel The Light” is a shimmering, drifting reverie with beautiful piano passages beneath Mariam’s compelling melody.  “Do You Ever Hear” begins as a simple, intimate country ballad and grows into a beautiful, aching prayer before drifting away.  “Memories Of Serenity” closes today’s show with a lovely melody from Mariam over a quasi-Broadway soundtrack and punctuations from her harmonica.

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