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12-03-20 This week on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #421 we are celebrating Mariam’s musical Gaea Star Goddess stage show from the mid 2010’s with selections from the live songs. Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington Massachusetts in November 2020, today’s show features the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, shrudi box, ukulele and acoustic guitar, Robin Rooney on vocals and djembe, Craig Harris on congas and native drums and Bob Sherwood on piano. We begin with the beautifully icy, reverent “Isis”, featuring a fine vocals from Mariam. “Crystal Ice Queen features some great harmonies from Robin over a track driven by Mariam’s chiming acoustic guitar. “Aja” is a somber, lovely, moody tale of an African queen featuring lyrical native flute from Mariam and a swinging percussion section. “Pele” is the volcano goddess of Hawaii, and her song is one of Mariam’s finest, a tight structure and arrangement features a Hawaiian reggae sound. “Amaru Machay” is a jazzy, afro Cuban groove, as infectious as it is mysterious, featuring hip jazz piano from Bob. Today’s last piece is in and of itself, the lovely, anthemic gospel song “There’s Always Another Way”. A vast and evocative track, “There’s Always Another Way” is underpinned by a hypnotic, emotional, peaceful 4 bar piano phrase from Bob.

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