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12-27-18 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #334

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour was recorded in November 2018 at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, MA, and is an hour of visionary acoustic improv featuring the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, ukulele, 12-string acoustic guitar and celtic harp, Bob Sherwood on piano and percussion and Craig Harris on native drums and congas. We begin with the earthy, fundamental “Ripple Me Down” which features Mariam’s inspiring lyric and native flute with a minimum of accompaniment.  “Thank You For Life” is a varied journey with an uplifting lyric from Mariam and imaginative piano from Bob and “Full Moon Tidings” is a gorgeous modal ballad built around Mariam’s chiming 12-string Martin acoustic guitar.  “Changing Always For The Better” closes the show today and is an epic, sweeping, lovely journey through hope and gratitude featuring a fine lyric and ukulele from Mariam.

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