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01-18-18 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #292 in early January at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts and features the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro, Craig Harris and Bob Sherwood as well as special guest Dagen Julty on flute, bass guitar and piano. Today’s’ first piece is Mariam’s “Sing Down The Walls” from her 2009 CD “Gaea Star Crystal: Awakening The Tribes Of Light” and is rendered operatically with a Verdiesque rhythm. “Sunny Day Sweet” begins as a duo between Mariam and Dagen’s flutes and develops into an intriguing, fast-moving ode to finer weather featuring Celtic harp from Mariam and racing Balaphone from Craig. “Model For Life” is a somber, lovely ballad featuring fine flute playing from Dagen and compelling piano motifs from Bob. “So Many To The Story” is a fine folk-inflected ballad driven by Mariam’s ukulele and again carrying a Verdian rhythm that skips along with more pretty flute work from Dagen. “Oya Thunderqueen” hails from Mariam’s 2012 “Gaea Star Goddesses” CD and “Circling Back Around closes the show with a psychedelic, intense vibe supported by bass guitar from Dagen beneath Mariam’s insistent acoustic guitar.

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