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12-28-17  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #289 at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, MA and features the songs of Mariam Massaro and exciting¸ dynamic improvisations from the Gaea Star Band.  Today we welcome special guest Bobby D from Chicopee, a folk singer and guitarist who bring some of his original songs to the show today.  We begin with Bobby’s folk song “Blue Cotton Quilt”, a fine number dressed up with congas from Craig Harris, barrelhouse piano from Bob Sherwood and celtic harp, native flute and background vocals from Mariam.  “We’re Changing Red To Blue” is a fine song of hope from Mariam with a sweeping, epic vibe built around Mariam’s celtic harp.  Interesting directions abound in this multi-movement piece.  We return to Bobby D with the excellent “Just In Case Jesus”, a fine, sardonic folk song in the Dylan tradition.  Next up, Mariam plays piano on her gospel-tinged “Down To The Sea” backed by Bob and Bobby on acoustic guitars and Craig on congas.  We return to Bobby D’s bag of tunes one last time for the bluesy folk ballad “Hoping” before closing with Mariam’s mysterious, gypsy-jazz rocker “The Sandman Is Coming”.

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