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06-11-15   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #168 is a melodic, contemplative mid-May jam featuring very special guest Western Mass. singer/songwriter Dan Hubbard.  We begin with Mariam’s spring song “Oh, The Boys Are Calling” featuring Mariam on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Dameron Midgett and Dan Hubbard on acoustic guitar, Craig Harris on congas and Bob Sherwood on piano.  For the breezy “Wind In The Trees” Mariam picks up her baritone ukelele as we ease into a bluesy ska groove.  “Grateful For My Birth” morphs from a jazz-flavored blues to a pretty, affecting pop prayer that spirals upward into a prayer of gratitude.  Following the break Dan Hubbard steps up to the mic for his songs “Ground Force Center” and the beautiful “Magnifying Glass”.  From the conclusion of “Magnifying Glass” the ensemble improvises “Song Of Sponteneity” with Mariam taking us out with some characteristically inspired native flute work that steers the music into a delicate, contemplative minor mode for the conclusion.

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