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Shannon Barker-Dr Rachelle Sweet10-18-22 Shannon Barker and Dr. Rachelle Sweet Speak about the Four-Fold Formula of All Things Wellness

Shannon Barker is a Florida native who has always had a passion for health and fitness.  Following that passion led her to become a registered dietitian as well as earn a master’s degree in exercise science.  Shannon specializes in helping women reach their health and wellness goals through behavior modification coaching, allowing the root cause of health discrepancies to be identified and corrected.  This mind-body-spirit approach to health has helped her clients break through health and weight plateaus and empowered these clients to live their healthiest life possible.

Dr. Rachelle Sweet is a Certified Epigenetic Health & Wellness Coach with a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. She works with clients to change their lifestyles through biological individuality and understanding genetics. Using genetic blueprints and body bio-markers as the guide, she helps women design a plan to go from being fatigued, stressed, and not sleeping to having more energy and clarity so they can wake up with confidence and rock their day. Through visioning, clients discover new ways to look at challenges and are encouraged to experiment with new techniques to move them closer to becoming their best version.

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