FLAUNT! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle!

with Lora Cheadle

Pyramid FusionSometimes we get so busy taking care of everyone and everything that we forget about ourselves. We have a diffuse desire for something different, but we can’t quite articulate what we want. The concept of manifesting is all the rage, but it requires precision. How do we put “a fulfilling life” on a vision board, let alone create it, when we don’t really know what it means? In five bold and glittering strokes FLAUNT! solves this problem by teaching listeners how to build their dreams and live their sparkle even when they don’t know what they want. FLAUNT! Find your Fetish, Laugh out Loud, Accept Unconditionally, Navigate the Negative and Trust your Truth.

FLAUNT! allows listeners to move through the five steps of FLAUNT!, releasing outdated scripts and labels, revealing the calling of their souls and re-choreographing their own life, even when they are unsure of what they want. Using a combination of best-girlfriend discussions and therapy-based exercises, listeners are taught how to Find their Fetish, Laugh out Loud, Accept Unconditionally, Navigate the Negative and Trust in their Truth. Released from the nitty-gritty details of manifesting, listeners learn how to build their dreams and live their sparkle as only they are able! Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle!

Broadcasts Weekly Wednesday 7am & 7pmET

Lora’s  Theme~ Five Steps of Flaunt

Wednesday 7am & 7pmET

Music, sound healing, the soul, source and assention into light are but a few of the glorious, shimmery topics in today’s show, with guest Leigh Ann Phillips.

Leigh Ann Phillips is an award-winning singer songwriter, recording artist, sound healing lecturer, therapist, and teacher. She has a BA in journalism and music as well as numerous years of study in the healing arts, classical piano and voice. She is on a mission to merge sound, music and the education of the living soul to assist people in leading more fulfilling lives in healthier bodies. Leigh Ann has developed a method of brainwave entrainment using the quartz crystal singing bowls, her voice and other instruments. A workshop or teaching experience with her leaves you empowered with knowledge that is complemented with tones and music that awaken the physical body and nourish the soul. What information the left brain may miss, the sound will make sure that the knowledge is imbued within the experience.

Leigh Ann is a graduate of the Living Soul Spiritual Development Course, and is continuing advanced work with Sifu Kelly Larsen, as well as Master and Acharya Gibson. Leigh Ann has been on a spiritual path actively for three decades. The Living Soul work transformed her deeply, and ignited her passion to merge sound and the path of enlightenment to support others. This is her dharma. She is extremely grateful and humbled to be a part of this life-changing program.

Listen to Leigh Ann’s Cancer Journey Meditation FREE GIFT!

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Leigh Ann Phillips’ sound healing work for those with cancer is based upon the Fabian Mamon’s scientific research of dissonance and harmonic intervals and their effect on cancer cells. According to Mamon, when musical scales are played progressively, on or near the body, the harmonic resonance impedes the ability of cancer cells to hold their frequency, and begin to break apart.

As well, DNA has been found to be extremely sensitive to musical frequencies. When humans get sick, they have in effect “gone out of tune”, http://www.leighannphillips.com/sound-healing/cancer-journey/

Join Leigh Ann in The Living Soul Course

The Living Soul Spiritual Development Course is a 17 lesson series designed to be followed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Following an initial evaluation of the applicant’s spiritual aspirations, potentials, and overall life goals, the course guides the student through a graduated series of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disciplines. These exercises are designed to gradually train and educate the student’s soul in the ancient pathways revealed to me over the last 22 years. The overall goal of the process is to awaken certain dormant faculties which are latent within us all. These faculties, combined with the continued application of the discipline imparted within this course, will lead to the transformation of the soul of the applicant and gradually to the process of inner enlightenment. http://www.leighannphillips.com/the-living-soul-course/

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BIO: Lora Cheadle spent ten years practicing corporate law in California and Colorado, where she focused on defense litigation and co-authored a book entitled, “The Rights and Responsibilities of Teenage Parents.” After leaving the practice of law she began her own business helping women build their dreams and live their sparkle through a combination of hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy™, personal fitness training and dance. She’s a Certified Hypnotherapist, an Angel Therapy Practitioner™, an herbalist and an Integrated Energy Therapist. She holds a variety of certifications through the American Fitness Association of America, XPole Xpert Fitness and FlirtyGirl Fitness.