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How to get your needs met Flaunt11-08-23 How to Get Your Needs Met – Find Your Voice & Advocate for You!

Learning to take care of yourself and get your own needs met is a skill that many of us lack. If you have ever felt a lack of clarity over what you want or how to get it, then this show is for you. While learning to advocate on your own behalf is important, it is especially important after infidelity or betrayal. This show will show you how to get your needs met without being aggressive or a push-over.

Top take-a-ways

  1. When it comes to getting your needs met, clarity is essential. Avoid conflict, disappointment, and unnecessary stress by clarifying what you want to yourself before communicating with others.
  2. Successful communication, whether in business or personal relationships, benefits from having an agenda. Take the time to write down or outline what you want to say and practice saying it.
  3. Relationships require mutuality. If you and your partner aren’t committed to meeting each other’s needs, neither of you will be happy. Make space for each other, rebuild mutual respect, and don’t withhold your desires. By embracing effective communication, you can create a strong foundation for a new partnership that meets everyone’s needs effectively.

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