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Julian CrèmeFelicity Eliot01-01-20 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Felicity Eliot and Julian Crème

They will discuss Maitreya and the Masters so we may understand how spirit is working with us throughout the ages and most especially Now. We discuss a spiritual perspective on understanding terrorism poverty hunger desperation and despair in the Middle East and throughout the world and possible ways to alleviate the pain of the world by learning to share the world’s food and resources more equally leading the way to justice and peace. We will discuss how spiritual teachers throughout history have emerged to show humanity the next step forward. We will learn through the futurist Benjamin Crème how a group of such spiritual teachers living in the modern world, not as religious leaders, but to inspire all people, religious and non-religious alike, to create a civilization based on sharing justice and peace. www.share’

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