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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Celebrates Featured Writer Filomena Tripp

Award winning author Steven Manchester notes, “We are all connected; we all have infinite value, and Invisible Courage is a well-written reminder of how the human spirit is the strongest force in the universe.” He goes on to say, “I love your story and congratulate you for being willing to share it. It is the best I’ve reviewed in a very long time.”

Filomena Tripp cries out in agony after the sudden death of her husband. Flash backs from her life begin to haunt her. Born in 1955 in São Miguel, Azores with undeveloped arms and one undeveloped leg, struggle is all she has ever known. This midlife catastrophe nearly destroys her spirit and at the same time challenges her to find something wonderful about her life and more importantly, herself. Filomena reminds us to look deeply within and rediscover what has been hidden. Invisible Courage is a moving testament to the power and resilience of the human spirit.

In Filomena’s own words: While writing Invisible Courage, I learned a great deal about myself. Sharing my story has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Revisiting difficult situations and acknowledging very unsettling emotions has had me in tears on several occasions. Exposing my life has been a true leap of faith. My intention in writing this book is to inspire all people, including people with disabilities. I was born with three undeveloped limbs in 1955 in the Azores. It was a time of very few if any resources for people with any sort of disability. I speak to many people and realize at times we all feel unsupported in our struggles. We all  have that in common.

This is what I learned, I am beautiful and enough, just the way I am. So are you! I encourage you to free yourself from anger, shame and fear. Live to the fullest the life you have been given. Be the gift you were created to be and remember loving yourself is the first step. Your corner of the world needs the very best of what you have to offer.
Filomena Tripp

Excerpt: Rain pounded against the windows of my small apartment in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Each noisy raindrop clambered against the window pane, scraping against my unsettled soul. Tears ran down my face on an even pace with the raindrops. Thunder rang in the distance and echoed the agony that was no match for the storm within my soul. As I reached toward the ceiling with my half arms, I was certain that serenity  existed only in a remote part of the world – certainly not in mine. ” I cannot do this!” I bowed my head and caught a barrage of tears on the stumps of both arms.

I couldn’t help but notice that people turned away when they saw me, while countless nasty comments came my way. I understood that if I accepted these actions as “normal” I would surely die inside.  What exactly is normal?  I AM a NORMAL girl who was born into a body that was NOT. I knew I had to figure out what life in my body would mean for me. I am human after all.


I needed to share my story for two reasons. One it was time to be completely healed from old pain, fear and anger. I was in my sixties and still a part of me hung on to the rejection I had known as a young person.  It was time to be free. It was time to love myself for who I was, as I was. Secondly, though there were many times in life I felt completely alone, I learned I was not. That is want I need to share with you. There is always self love with in and always someone out there willing to help. Alone I would have withered. It was engaging with others that brought me to the point of joy, success and peace. I need you to know these things.

Bio: Filomena Tripp had a dream, a dream she held in her heart for a very long time. That dream was to write a book that told the story of her life in a way that would inspire people to live the life they were created to live.

There were hundreds of situations along her journey that suggested she give up. Giving up was not an option for Filomena.

Her book, Invisible Courage, was not written simply to fulfill a dream. It was written to fulfill a mission.

She recalls hearing the stories of how she was not suppose to live past her toddler years. Words of doubt, ridicule and rejection echo in her mind. All along the way, Mrs Tripp heard the voice of the One who created her. That voice deep within her heart has always been her guiding light.

While many people along the way discounted the value of her life, many people offered her their assistance.

Throughout life she learned about pain. That pain showed her the way to love.
Throughout life she learned about sorrow. That gave way to joy.
Throughout life Filomena was shown defeat. Those lessons gave rise to success.

If you enjoy a story that will lift your spirit, Invisible Courage is for you.
If you have faced any challenge whatsoever, this book is for you.
If your heart longs for a powerful, transformational story, you will find it between the pages of Invisible Courage

Available now in paperback, kindle and audiobook

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