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07-17-17  Encore: The 5th Agreement: Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz

The Fifth Agreement is ultimately about seeing your whole reality with the eyes of truth, without words. The result of practicing the Fifth Agreement is the complete acceptance of yourself just the way you are, and the complete acceptance of everybody else just the way they are. The reward is your eternal happiness. Enjoy a conversation with Don Miguel Ruiz and son, Jose Ruiz…Let’s make a difference in this world. Let’s win the war in our head, and change the world.

Miguel Jr. has taken the lessons of his father and grandmother and discovered his own personal freedom. Being able to apply his teachings to the world around him gave Miguel Jr. a new understanding of the lessons his father and grandmother had passed onto him, once again giving him the desire to pass on his beliefs. After decades of training, Miguel Jr. was finally ready to share everything he had learned.

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