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08-07-17  Encore: Philip Shepherd: New Self New World

There is an unseen paradigm in our culture that affects everything we do. It sows anxiety into our daily lives, skews our experience of what it means to be human, and disrupts our relationship with the natural world. The problem is, the paradigm is something we have come to accept as a given – so normal to us that it remains invisible, even as it confines and drives and frustrates us. New Self, New World exposes the deficiencies of that paradigm, traces the roots of its inception to the Neolithic Revolution, and pinpoints the way we live in our heads as the most evident and damaging expression of it.

Philip Shepherd’s life has been shaped by questions. As a teenager he cycled alone through Europe, the Middle East, Iran and India on the way to Japan to study classical Noh theatre. Since then he cofounded and written for an arts magazine, Onion; cofounded and directed an interdisciplinary theatre company; taught numerous workshops; written two internationally produced plays and a documentary for CBC television; trained in Butoh dance and toured Canada; acted in feature films opposite Mandy Patinkin and Delroy Lindo (Strange Justice) and Jon Voight (Jasper Texas); and earned a reputation as a corporate coach.

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