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07-31-17  Encore: Ellen Gunter: Healing Our Broken Connection to the Earth

It’s clear that the unimaginable future that Rachel Carson warned us about in 1962 in her best-seller, Silent Spring, has become our daily reality. On a colossal and historic scale—from our water, air, and soil to the factory-grown food which no longer nourishes us—all is definitely not well on our planet, and each of us can sense that. Ellen Gunter’s New book, Reunion, not only offers a way to look at the global reality we all share; it also provides a path to understanding how this came to be and what each of us can do—individually and together—to bring our earth, and ourselves, back to wholeness.

ELLEN GUNTER is a writer, spiritual director and environmental advocate. She worked as a journalist and consultant to hightech industries for twenty years before leaving that world to begin a ten-year course of study with some of today’s greatest spiritual teachers, including Caroline Myss, Andrew Harvey, and Thomas Merton scholar James Finley. Most recently her journey took her on a nearly three-year research and writing project which became REUNION: How We Heal Our Broken Connection to the Earth. She lectures and writes about the connections between spirituality and the environment.

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