Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Welcomes New Show The Power of Forgiveness with Lou Lessard Debut May 8th

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais are super thrilled to announce the debut of The Power of Forgiveness with Lou Lessard starting Monday May 8th at 5am & 5pmET. Lou hails from Massachusetts. Lou is a Spiritual teacher and facilitates a number of healing modalities.

The Show: Join us as we each learn about the Power of Forgiveness and how it can change not only our own lives but the lives of our families, friends and loved ones as well as all life on earth forever! Each week we will explore how LOVE and FORGIVENESS are intimately connected, how life’s challenges are really blessings, proven effective forgiveness techniques, the forgiveness formula and much, much more!!! Lou will share his personal journey and how his experiences have been and continue to be wonderful catalysts for his growth. The message of love and forgiveness is universal, timeless and is at the core of who we are… it’s in our DNA!!!

Broadcasts Weekly Monday 5am & 5pmET on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Listen Here: http://rdo.to/DREAM7 or Google Play & Apple Apps

First Episode: The Science of Forgiveness
We will introduce the “science of forgiveness” and how looking at forgiveness in this way we can begin to understand that forgiveness is really a process of release. I will share how I found there is a “forgiveness formula” that can have very profound and tangible results in our relationships with others as well as ourselves!

BIO: Lou grew up in Erving Massachusetts, a small town about 2 hours west of Boston. After serving 4 years in the US Navy, he accumulated 20+ years experience as an industrial (manufacturing) engineer working primarily in the medical electronics industry.

Lou has always been sensitive to the thoughts, feelings and energy of others and the world around him. Having never lost his sense of curiosity, he has studied a broad and diverse range of “spiritual” topics including Shamanism, Pranic (energy) Healing, Light & Sound Healing modalities, Crystals, Akashic Records to only name a few. He’s met many great teachers, guides and friends along the way, all kindred spirits sharing a passion for learning and growing in order to help themselves and all of humanity move forward, live in harmony and raise our consciousness.

Learn More About Lou and Show on his D7RN page Click

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