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Constance Kellough Founder of Namaste Publishing, Founder and Meditation Teacher at Innerbody Meditation and Author.

Constance is a visionary who popularized the self-help genre, bringing revolutionary, spiritual teachings to the forefront of modern culture. Her first publication, The Power of Now introduced Eckhart Tolle to the world. Since 1997, she has gone on to publish more ground breaking, inspirational books by such authors as Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Michael Brown and Dr. David Berceli. These books and many others have changed the dialogue around Conscious Parenting, Spirituality and Trauma Release theories world wide.

She has authored two books of her own; The Chronicles of Bizah, Student of Truth (published 2020,  and The HOW to Inner Peace (published 2021).

The HOW to Inner Peace: A Guide to a New Way of Living, author Constance KelloughThe HOW to Inner Peace: A Guide to a New Way of Living

Ever wondered HOW?

Many of us now understand the concept and value of mindfulness, but we are challenged when it comes to achieving it in our daily lives. If you are ready to know HOW to access the peace and joy you long for, then this is the book – the only book you will need.

Constance Kellough, author, meditation teacher and publisher of great spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, shares her accumulated wisdom in this comprehensive guide to finding inner peace. She provides practical, how to instruction for practicing Innerbody Meditation, a life changing tool for going beyond the limitations of the mind; identifying and managing the ego; healing separation and cultivating deeper intuition and presence.

If you have ever longed to employ mindfulness as a daily practice in your life or wondered HOW to remove the stumbling blocks standing between you and the life you know you could be living, let this book be your guide

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