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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and owner Deborah Beauvais are thrilled to announce new radio show  “Animal Connections with Laura Rowley” Self Discovery through the Insights of Animals to debut Friday November 9th at 9am/9pmET on syndicated D7RN.

We all wish we could talk to animals…as it turns out, we can. Animal Connections with Laura Rowley explores the nature of inter species communication. What are our animals trying to tell us? Animals commune through love, a force that opens all doors…listening to them teaches us how to be better humans. Why? We can trust them to tell us the deepest truth about who we are and how one can grow into a more powerful version of self. Laura shares over 20 years of stories and wisdom learned from her work as an animal communicator in this heart and thought provoking show. Tune in weekly on Fridays 9am & 9pmET.LISTEN LIVE: Listen online, mobile, in cars with Bluetooth and through Amazon’s Echo by asking “Alexa play Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network”

Show Description:

Animal Connections with Laura Rowley
Self Discovery through the Insights of Animals

Laura’s experiences and stories reveal the wisdom of our animal companions…what can they teach us about ourselves? With her firm conviction that our higher selves best commune through love, who better to teach us about love than our dear animals? She is a sought after workshop facilitator and clinician working with trainers, veterinarians, pet owners, and world-class equestrians. Laura’s private readings and workshops help their loved ones and handlers develop true partnership..

To learn more about the show and Laura Rowley go to her D7RN Page:

Animal Connections with Laura Rowley

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