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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais welcomes Dr. Niki Elliott to The Love By Intuition Show. Dr. Niki’s work offers parents with intuitive children empowerment with healing.
Topic: Innovative solutions for supporting the needs of energetically sensitive, intuitive, and psychic children.” Join Dr. Niki and Deborah Saturday July 6th at 2pmEST, a Dreamvisions 7 Radio broadcast at 1510am NBC Sports Radio Boston…see details below. Look for Dr. Niki’s Radio Show “Nurturing Intuitive Children” Debuts Sunday July 14th at 9pmEST/6pmPST on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Nicole Elliott, Ph.D. (also affectionately known by her students as Dr. Niki), is a seasoned educator with 20+ years of hands-on experience, whose mission in life is to support intuitive children and adults who need help bringing their gifts into balance.

After working with hundreds of parents while teaching in the traditional school system, Dr. Niki had several of them share with her that their children could see auras or deceased loved ones. Others confided that their children had vivid dreams about events that were confirmed days or weeks later. Several of her students experienced extreme difficulty in crowded classrooms and seemed to absorb by the energy of those around them. Unfortunately, too often these children received incorrect diagnoses of being ADHD, ADD, and their parents were encouraged to medicate them in order to solve behavioral issues.

In many cases, this was a true misdiagnosis, as these children were highly sensitive, intuitive beings for whom the so called ‘normal’ schooling system simply didn’t work. Dr. Niki decided there had to be a better way to provide education and guidance for these special beings, so in 2011 she resigned from her leadership position at Aveson Charter School in order to establish Innerlight Sanctuary – a safe space where children’s intuitive experiences are recognized and validated.

Dr. Niki partners with other healing arts professionals to offer classes that help clients develop their intuitive gifts and reach their full potential. Innerlight Sanctuary is a place where parents can recover their own suppressed intuitive gifts and be supported in raising their children. By practicing Reiki, yoga, and meditation with children and adults, Dr. Niki discovered that these energy balancing systems help clients relax, improve attention and focus, integrate brain function, control their intuitive experiences, and increase their ability to self-regulate behavior.

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