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Dr. Meg Haworth04-30-21 Creating Optimal Health & Wellness: Dr. Meg Haworth

Do you understand the connection between our life experiences and our illnesses later in life. What if you had a groundbreaking mind-body technique for self-healing along with a useful chart of illnesses, the energy system, and their attributes to help you get unstuck and get well now. Chronic illnesses do not have to be permanent. Meet a celebrity nutritional chef, wellness expert, and doctor of Transpersonal Psychology who healed over a dozen illnesses & traumas in her own body including fibromyalgia, IBS, drowning and being struck by lightning, this book offers a whole person approach to rapid and lasting healing that is a must-have for health seekers everywhere. After spending a decade in doctor’s office waiting rooms receiving one diagnosis after the next in her twenties, Dr. Meg had a turning point moment that required a different choice. She took her healing into her own hands and everything changed.

An expert in holistic healing with twenty-five years of experience, Dr. Meg Haworth specializes in helping her individual clients release the underlying emotional root cause of illness using nutrition and her powerful Whole Person Integration Technique. She also teaches coaches, therapists, and healers how to develop their intuitive abilities while certifying them in her technique in her online course and group coaching program, Evolving Intuition, Building Self Trust & Healing Empathic Overload for Life. She is the author of six books in cooking and self-help including her best-seller Get Well Now, Healing Yourself with Food and the Power of The Mind. She is the host of the podcast series, Get Well Soon, and has been feature in the LA Times, NBC Nightly News, Hay House Radio and numerous online summits and live speaking engagements. She holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and worked as a nutritional chef to celebrities in Hollywood for over a decade.

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