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DrJamie01-11-16   Dr. Jamie Turndorf : Love Never Dies

What we’ve been told about the afterlife is dead wrong. We don’t need to wait to die to be reunited with loved ones in heaven. Heaven is a state, not a place. Heaven is here and now. This knowledge opens us to the reality that we are meant to say hello, not goodbye, and stay connected to those in spirit. Dr. Turndorf has created a method that enables the bereaved how to reconnect rather than say goodbye.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is an internationally renowned and respected relationship therapist, author, advice columnist and veteran media personality. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed Hay House book: Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love’s 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship, and Make Up Don’t Break Up: Dr. Love’s Five-Step Plan for Reconciling with Your Ex.

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