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11-20-17  Dr Christopher Sowton: Dreamworking

Drawing on Christopher’s 20 years of clinical experience and study in dreamwork: – Why we should pay attention to our dreams – The language of dreams – Spotting the metaphor or figure of speech in a dream – The problem of fixed meanings and superstitions – How to get oriented within a dreamscape – How to differentiate negative figures in dreams – Birth and baby dreams and what they tell us – How to approach sexual dreams – How to help connect the dream to the dreamer’s life fourteen universal dream motifs and how to work with them.

A naturopath, homeopath, and dreamworker with a practice in downtown Toronto. I have a particular interest in helping my patients understand the patterns that hold them back from better health and a greater sense of fulfillment. These patterns are reflected in chronic symptoms, in repetitively stuck life situations, and (perhaps most dramatically) in the dream life. Dr. Christopher Sowton is a founding member of the Toronto Region of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), which runs regular events for all those interested in dreamwork, and speak regularly at their international conference.

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