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Dr. Allen Buchanan03-24-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Dr. Allen Buchanan author of Our Moral Fate Evolution & Our Escape From Tribalism a provocative and probing argument showing how human beings can for the first time in history take charge of their moral fate. Dr. Buchanan asks the question, “Is Tribalism the political and cultural divisions between “Us and Them” an inherent part of our basic moral psychology? Dr. Buchanan shows us how many scientists link tribalism and morality arguing that the evolved moral mind is tribalistic. Any escape from tribalism according to this thinking would be partial and fragile, because it goes against the grain of our nature. Allen Buchanan offers a counterargument: the moral mind is highly flexible capable of both tribalism and deeply inclusive moralities depending on the social environment in which the moral mind works.

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