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Dr. Adia Wingfield05-26-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Dr. Aida Harvey Wingfield author of Flatlining focusing on the processes that maintain racial and gender inequality in professional workplaces. We are now in the greatest spiritual evolution of human development and perhaps, the time to correct past inequalities is finally here. Dr. Adia Harvey Wingfield a Professor of Sociology at Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri will discuss how the problem of inequality and gender disparity has been here long before Covid19 though the pandemic has magnified it as it has many problems in our institutions and corporations. What happens to black professionals in the new economy, where work is insecure and organizational resources are scarce? Dr. Wingfield will expose how institutions participate in “racial outsourcing,” relying heavily on black professionals to do “equity work,”—extra labor that makes organizations and their services more accessible to communities of color. Yet. often black workers do this labor without recognition, compensation or support.

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