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white-lion-125x12510-18-16   Director Robin Crumley and Sacred Activist Andrew Harvey, Saving the White Lions

Against the backdrop of a world which has recently betrayed lions and elephants with the CITES decision to endorse ongoing trade in their body parts, Linda Tucker and her team are focused on taking the message of the lions out to anyone with a heart to hear it. Canadian Filmmaker Gabriella Martinelli has sent a crew to the African bushveld to capture the magic, the meaning and the mystical connection of the lions not only to our ancient past, but also to the future and the survival of Planet Earth and the people who inhabit her. The five man crew includes presenter, legendary Sacred Activist Andrew Harvey, author of 32 books and a man whose mission in life is to delve into those deep questions, guiding humanity through the mysterious and mindboggling threads of spiritual seeking to a place of accessible simplicity where love is truly all that matters.

In this episode of One United Roar, Linda Tucker chats to Director Robin Crumley about his personal and professional White Lion experience.  Andrew Harvey in conversation with Berry Gargan eloquently explores his own relationship with the White Lions and shares some of their secrets with our listeners.

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