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08-15-18 Detox Challenge!

Detoxing! Whether it’s from people, thoughts, beliefs or food, it’s imperative that we regularly clear and cleanse our energy in order to stay healthy and sane. In today’s show, Lora challenges listeners to come up with a list of things that they want, or need, to detox from in their own lives. Whether it’s from caffeine, sugar, negativity, self-sabotaging beliefs or putting yourself last, today is the day to begin your detox journey!

Want to win a FREE 15 minute reading from Lora that can help you on your detox journey? Join her FLAUNT! Flock Facebook group, and post 3-5 things that you wish to detox from!

BONUS! FREE Guided Eight Minute Meditation on detoxing, releasing and connecting with YOUR heart!

I’m also offering a FREE 15 minute coaching call with me. All you have to do is send me a request to join my “FLAUNT! Fitness” Facebook, and then post on your Facebook page, “I just joined an amazing educational support group, FLAUNT! Fitness! I thought you might like to join too, so you can up your game this summer!” Be sure to tag me, Lora Plank Cheadle, so we can set up your FREE coaching call! or 303-994-4945​

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