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01-11-17 Deeply Resolved New Year’s Resolutions with Heart & Soul

Sadly, making New Year’s Resolutions has become a superficial endeavor. Every year, millions of people resolve to “get in shape and lose weight.” Gym memberships spike for one month, and by February everyone is back to their same old patterns. Year after year this cycle repeats, and opportunities for personal growth, enlightenment and soul-filled resolutions are lost.

This workshop releases you from dysfunctional cycles and allows you to connect to your core being, heal, commit, grow and evolve as you truly wish to evolve.

We are multi-faceted beings of light and spirit and when we make decisions, we typically make them with the conscious portion of our brain based on what we think we should want or even what we think others expect us to want. In order for real, deep and abiding change to occur, it is essential that our minds, emotions and spirits all come into alignment with our resolution. Since the subconscious mind never lies, unless we ensure that our resolutions are made on both a conscious as well as a subconscious level, true change can never take place.

Learn how to make a resolution consciously as well as subconsciously, how to get your body and emotions prepared for change and how to check in with your Angels and guides to confirm your resolution is truly right for you.

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