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Naomi Love04-29-20 Deepening the Relationship with Yourself – Naomi Love

With the world closed down due to the coronavirus, many people are finding themselves at loose ends. They can’t go and do all that they are used to going and doing. They feel deprived of touch and connection and may not know how to deal with the uncertainty that is all around.

Why not use this time to stop doing, and learn simply, how to be? How to be with yourself, your intuition, your desires, feelings, and fears? This conversation with Wise Woman Naomi Love will show you how, one breath, one soft and glorious moment at a time, to begin deepening your awareness, presence, and relationship with the most important person in your life – you!

Naomi Love is an internationally known Mystic Medicine Woman. Her abilities are not limited by any one modality as she has been doing her work through many lifetimes and has been studying with the Masters of our time since she was a young woman.

Naomi has worked with over 60,000 clients and trained 70 + practitioners in her holistic system of medicine that is Wise Womb Medicine that works with all beings, in all stages of life on all levels paralleling her holistic approach to working with yourself, others and with nature through the Wise Womb Way.

She is a channel for the Wisdom Council. She has profound ability to read the body, read energy and to track the unseen realms. Offering one on one sessions remotely as well as teaches her work virtually through her school.

You can find her at: and
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Please enjoy my Elephant Journal Article, there or on my blog, about bodies, the fact that nudity is not sexual, and how our sanitized and photo shopped world we have lost touch with our bodies and ourselves

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