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10-15-20 The Dangers of Exercise Addiction with Sandy Sanderson

Can over-exercise be dangerous?

Can addiction to exercise shorten your lifespan?

What is exercise addiction and why can it be dangerous?

These questions connect with some deeply psychological issues that include addictions in general and what drives people to fall into addictive behaviors.

Did you know that beyond addictions to food, drugs or alcohol, we can become addicted to chasing dopamine hits and oxygen highs from exercise.

The main benefits of ‘moderate’ regular exercise are…

  1. Increase oxygen and blood circulation.
  2. Lymph detox because it moves around to eliminate protein wastes only in response to physical movement of the body (ie there is no separate pump like the heart for blood).
  3. Trains muscles (including heart muscle) to be strong. If you don’t use it, you lose it.
  4. Strengths bones – especially resistance exercises.
  5. Keep fit, look younger and feel better about ourselves.
  6. An antidote to depression.

But what if we go way past the optimal benefit and start to wear ourselves down, which harms health? What if we take out more than we put back?

What causes us to over exercise?

What are the symptoms of going too far?

Why might it be hard to taper back?

What the brain gets out of over-exercise that would cause us to override other safety mechanisms and warning signals?

Tune-in and find out the answers to these questions and much more!

Video Version:

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