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12-26-18 Confidence and Courage

Did you know that confidence is a byproduct of courage? We must never wait until we are confident to we go after what we want. Going after what we want as an act of courage, and the more often we reach for our goals, the more confident we will become!

Join Lora as she welcomes Emily Haruko Leeb for a show on confidence, courage and radical self-acceptance!

Emily is a second generation transformational leader. She runs a private life and business coaching practice where she partners with entrepreneurs to launch, stabilize or scale their businesses. She is a singer/songwriter whose debut album is set to release Q1 of 2019. She is passionate about holistic living, spirituality, yoga, meditation and love. She is the mother of a 4 & 6 year old. She is a stand for possibility, dreams and people living their most epic life.

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