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Mysteryof White Lions10-05-16  CITES 2016 – An Old Paradigm. Where is the Hope?

CITES CoP17 continues and the conservation world holds its collective breath. This week we meet Lion Ecologist Jason Turner, Head of Operations of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and get his take on the CITES deliberations. Linda Tucker puts the unfolding events into global context, and suggests a way forward. *As we write this, CITES have just announced the continuation of the lion bone trade into Eastern markets. Lions remain at Appendix 2. This tragedy – this travesty – could speed up the extinction of lions in our lifetime. Did CITES just pave the way for Leocide? What does this say about humanity? Who pays these CITES decision makers? Linda Tucker asks some difficult questions and presents a possible new paradigm. We always have choice.

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