Christy Cornell-Pape on Isadora Duncan Dance

03-01-17    Christy Cornell-Pape on Isadora Duncan Dance

​Isadora Duncan, an American dancer in the late 1800’s really knew how to build her dreams and liver her sparkle! Refusing to be confined by pointe shoes, corsets and traditional dance, she was instrumental in birthing the Modern Dance movement, by dancing barefoot, in Greek inspired togas, and dancing from her HEART! Not only did she dance her own way, she lived her whole life her own way, despite the cultural and religious norms of the day. Her legacy continues to live on, and in today’s show, we are honored to have an Isadora Duncan aficionado and teacher share her love of Duncan dance and philosophy with us!

Christy Cornell-Pape – Christy, a life-long dancer, began studying dance at the age of 2. Proficient in tap, ballet, and jazz, Christy continues to study a variety of dance forms, such as samba and flamenco. Christy began intensively studying Isadora Duncan dance in 1999 with Mary Sano. She attended and performed at the International Isadora Duncan Dance Festival in Budapest, Hungary in November 2002. In 2003, Christy began taking classes with Ann Cogley and Christina Fessenden. She has taken several workshops with Lori Belilove and worked with Lori Belilove as a performer and children’s rehearsal director during some of Lori’s performances in California. Christy has performed extensively in musical theatre and burlesque, performing throughout California, the U.S., and internationally. Christy is a prolific choreographer and can frequently be seen performing solo work in San Francisco and at many shows around the Bay Area. She is a director of DIVAfest, a non-profit supporting women in the arts. She has taught both adult and children’s Duncan dance classes. She currently teaches adult classes for Duncan dance, cancan, fan dancing, and burlesque. In her day job, Christy is a bank regulator specializing in the deterrence and identification of white collar crime and money laundering.

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