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Christine Arylo02-26-21 Overwhelmed and Over It: Christine Arylo

Exhale all that pressure you have been carrying around like a twenty-five-pound sack of judgment against yourself. The guilt, expectations, obligations, criticisms, comparisons, and ideals of what you should have done, accomplished, or figured out by now. All the ways in which you deem you are not measuring up, keeping up, or doing enough. The cause of the shoulder knots, jaw clenching, anxiety, men- tal fogginess, depression, despair, and exhaustion. And then consider embracing this: if you truly want to thrive, then you have to do this differently. The current norms for how we work and operate as a society are not something you want to lean into. This is an invitation to liberate yourself from the self-sacrifice and burnout. The first step in changing what’s not working for you is awareness — becoming conscious of what you are currently blind to.

Christine Arylo, MBA, is the author of Overwhelmed and Over It. As a transformational leadership advisor, three-time bestselling author, and host of the popular Feminine Power Time podcast, she is recognized worldwide for her work helping women to make shift happen — in the lives they lead, the work they do, and the world they wish to create. Arylo offers workshops globally and lives near Seattle. Visit her online at

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