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11-30-21 “Children’s Books that Build Confidence”


Jeria Arthur “Girls Play Football Too”

Jeria “Ace” Arthur, from Conyers, GA is the mother of two, a professional women’s football player and gym owner.

Her children, Jayah and Jayce are the children in her book, “Girls Play Football Too” and a huge inspiration for her book series.

Ace owns “ACEquarters” where her brand, “Ace Athletics is housed and where she trains her clients to live healthier lifestyles, and athletes to perform at their highest level.

The WFLA, the first women’s football league that will pay it’s players will make its debut in early 2022! Ace plays wide receiver and running back for the “Atlanta Amazons.”

She lives by the phrase, “There is no limit to what you can achieve.”
Link to “Girls Play Football Too”

Sarah Jibrin “Kip the ‘Copter and the Rushing River Adventure”

Sarah Jibrin is excited to share her first children’s book, which was birthed while inventing a bedtime story for her children.

It’s important to Sarah that we take advantage of the opportunities we have with children to empower them to see their value and live with integrity. She hopes to contribute to your child’s growth through this story and others to come.

Sarah loves spending time with her husband and children where they live in New England.

She believes it’s never too late to be like Kip the ‘Copter and discover the unique qualities that enable us to strengthen those around us while using our talents.
Link to Kip the ‘Copter and the Rushing River Adventure”

Melanie Francis “Poop Shoes”

From an early age, Melanie Francis loved to draw. She earned admittance to New York City’s prestigious High School of Art and Design.

While in college, Melanie discovered that she enjoyed writing stories as much as she liked drawing and painting.

She has combined her love of art with her love of writing to create “Poop Shoes.”

Ms. Francis is currently working on her next children’s book, “Miss Abby Crabby.”

Link to “Poop Shoes”

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