Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #318

08-09-18 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #318 was taped live with the Gaea Star Band and special guest Sondra Lewis on a July afternoon at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts.  The Gaea Star Band consists of Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, celtic harp, banjo and ukulele, Robert Sherwood on piano and bongos and Craig Harris on congas and native drums.  Today we begin with the upbeat but deeply mystical “It’s A Robin Morning” a folk song by Mariam with some interesting variations on piano and a fine supporting vocal from Sondra.  “Sweet Moments After The Rain” is today’s centerpiece, and revolves around Mariam’s native flute and vocals and an insistent and pleasantly disquieting piano figure from Bob.  “Chattering Squirrels” is a playful, casually virtuosic performance with great vocals from Mariam and Sondra over a rhythm bed led by Mariam’s ukulele.  “Bless” is a jazzy, piano-led jam featuring fine vocals from Mariam and Sondra  “Surrender Me” and “Yemanja” both feature Mariam on piano and Bob on bass guitar, the former a gorgeous lyric set to an elegant ballad form, the second a prayer to the ocean goddess from Mariam’s “Gaea Star Goddesses” album. We conclude today with a lush raga led by Mariam on her sitar.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #317

08-02-18 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #317 was recorded on a lush, humid July afternoon at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts, and features songs by Mariam Massaro and visionary improvisation by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam on vocals, harmonica, celtic harp, banjo, acoustic guitar and dulcimer, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and native drums.  We begin today with Mariam’s wonderful “Showing Sharing Words, a prayer to the power of language set to a dense, evocative groove from Bob and Craig.  “Standing In The Rain” features Mariam’s celtic harp above a swirling piano figure that evokes European balladry of high drama.  Contrasting sharply, the bluesy “Before I Met You” is led by Mariam’s rollicking banjo and ragtime piano from Bob.  Next up is a jazz rock take of Mariam’s stately ode to the forest, “Standing Ones Of Peace”, a minor blues vamp full of motion and drama.  “Oya Thunderqueen” is a track from Mariam’s “Gaea Star Goddesses” cd and is a zydeco workout with a fine vocal and acoustic guitar from Mariam and Dr. John-style piano from Bob.  “Smile” is another classic from Mariam from her “Songs For The Children” cd built around her dulcimer grooves and taken, unusually, in a minor key.  A psychedelic aura abounds with Indian runs from Bob and a funky conga track from Craig.  “Whistling Wind, How She Changes” is a lovely, unsettled ode to the wind driven by Mariam’s ukulele and virtuosic, swirling piano from Bob.  “Sing Down The Walls” is a classic call to activism from Mariam’s “Gaea Star Crystal:  Awakening The Tribes of Light” album, and “Ladies Of The Lake” is a mysterious, misty meditation from the “Gaea Star Goddesses” album.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #316

07-26-18 Today on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #316 the Gaea Star Band is joined by special guest Sondra Lewis on vocals and percussion.  With Mariam Massaro on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, celtic harp and native flute, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on drums and congas, the Gaea Star Band delivers an hour of visionary acoustic improvisation and songs by Mariam Massaro. We begin with the haunting tones of Mariam’s native flute on the mystical, classically hued “Hope Is Everywhere” which features a compelling vocal dialogue between Mariam and Sondra above a filigreed piano accompaniment.  “Awakening” is a swirling, psychedelic, echo-drenched prayer to enlightenment and “Sweet Wind” is an ode to summer and nature full of motion and lovely melodies from Sondra and Mariam.  “Salayana” is a hypnotic, jazzy water prayer with fine percussion from Sondra and Craig and mesmerizing piano from Bob.  “Let’s Just All Hold Together” is a languid, folky piece with a fine, inspiring lyric from Mariam sung over her chiming ukulele.  We conclude with lush, improv-heavy versions of Mariam’s songs “Spirit Of The Forest” and “Your Eyes Shine”.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #315

07-19-18 Today on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #315, the Gaea Star Band spin a series of magical improvisations and songs by Mariam Massaro with Mariam on vocals, native flute, acoustic guitar and ukulele, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and native drums.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts on a steamy July day, today’s show begins in mesmerizing fashion with the rocking “Slow Right Down”, a message from Mariam to live at a less frenetic pace.  From a bluesy first section driven by Mariam’s ukulele and Bob’s jazzy piano, we move into an extended call-and-response section between Mariam’s plaintive native flute and vocals over a rock steady rhythm from Craig and Bob’s left hand.  “It’s Coming Around” is a lovely folk-like ballad driven by imaginative, ever-unfurling piano from Bob and featuring an exquisite melody from Mariam.  Following the extended soul coda “Oh The Light” we move into the epic “The Dragon Has Landed”, a mysterious tale supported with fine, detailed work from the whole band.  “Moody Melody” is a gorgeous, minimal piece, half sunlight, half moonlight and “Mermaids Gathering” is built on a lush, mesmerizing eastern motif from Bob and features mermaid tales from Mariam.  “Many Seeds Have Fallen” is a fine folk song from Mariam’s “Vision Quest” CD and we finish today with the evocative, minor key “Something Amazing”, an acoustic guitar based piece with a soothing sweep.