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Linda Pestana

A compelling read inward to Love through difficult choices as a devout nun-.”Please, don’t wait to live your life….live it now” is a motto that Linda Pestana shares in her book, “Voices of the Heart”. Linda’s life experience...

Joshua Fields

Joshua Fields was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the oldest of three and was raised just outside of Chicago. He received a Master of Arts degree in Economics from DePaul University in 1996, and has spent most of his career doing Market Research in the Retail...

Dr. Andy Kulick

Dr. Andy Kulick hails from Barberton, Ohio, a suburb of Akron, Ohio. After graduating from Kent State University in 1970 (Yes, he was there the day of the shooting of the 18 students) with a degree in business he eventually moved to California where he completed a...

Jansenius T. Lange Jr

Jansenius T. Lange Jr. I am a modern Philosopher; published Author/Writer; Keynote public Speaker and founder of Self-Development Wisdom Education and “Self-development Wisdom Institutes…” My lifelong Vocation; is to offer “Free”...

Betsy Otter Thompson

Betsy Otter Thompson’s work has always gravitated toward the media. A Philadelphia native with a B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, Betsy worked as an account executive for WFIL radio in Philadelphia, and from there went to radio stations WPEN and WFLN....

Tonya K. Freeman

With an open heart, a willingness to share, and an amazing insight to other people, Tonya K. Freeman is the Visionary that will help you realign your natural movement to be a power-full, magnetic Femi-nine Energy. A natural born leader, Tonya realized her strengths as...
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