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The Forgiven World

 12-18-19 The Forgiven World We want to see with vision; we want to see a different way of looking at the world. We have a guide in the Holy Spirit that doesn’t see the world as we do  and he wants to show us that there is no error. The Holy Spirit does not see sin,...

Into the Kingdom

12-04-19 Into the Kingdom In the morning of day two of the Into the Kingdom retreat in Holland, David Hoffmeister draws the audience into an experience of forgiveness and purpose. Even though words are twice removed from reality, the Holy Spirit can use them for...

What is my Purpose in Life?

11-20-19 What is my Purpose in Life? In this talk, we will take a leap of faith like jumping out of a plane together with a free fall, folding hands in a big circle and will joyfully go down the rabbit hole together. We want to find our true purpose of life to have...

The Hero of the Dream

10-23-19 The Hero of the Dream When you look to the world for answers for improvement, for satisfaction, for comfort, for convenience, when you look to the world for anything you are not seeing that the ego made the world up, you are then believing in the ego thought...
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