Life and Death, Positive Energy

08-16-17  Life and Death, Positive Energy

Dr Bernie comes together with his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian & Deborah Beauvais to share his thoughts on Life…his beautiful wife Bobbie is presently in ICU recovering from a heart attack. Bernie shares his concerns, yet has a wonderful positive energy. We welcome all prayers for Bobbie to have a full recovery. Full of stories Bernie recalls his Father-in-law, patients and friends and what they shared about living and dying. He talks how the word ‘died’ is hard for many and how the soul is eternal. And we close the show with LOVE.

Happy Anniversary Dr Bernie!

07-19-17  Happy Anniversary Dr Bernie!

Today on Mind Health Matters we celebrate Dr Bernie & Bobbie’s 63rd wedding anniversary with stories around marriage, relationships and how two people can become one. There are no coincidences in life, as everything has its purpose. Bernie remembers meeting Bobbie in a past life…Friendships, human connections and how pets bring us together. Bernie is joined by Lionel Ketchian & Deborah Beauvais.

Do What Makes You Happy!

06-21-17  Do What Makes You Happy!

Join Dr Bernie Siegel and his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais for Being Authentic. Losing a life, giving a life. Making a difference.. Bernie’s Dad working at ABC, Bernie working there one summer and movie stars…getting a car…and how he met his wife. Does Bernie have any regrets in life?

Who are the People outside of your Family who helped to Make a Difference in your Life?

06-04-17 Who are the people outside of your family who have helped to make a difference in your life?

Join Dr Bernie, Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais for glorious stories and for who have made a difference in their personal lives.