Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, Authors Larry Burk MD & Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos

04-18-18 Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, Authors Larry Burk MD & Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos


An exploration of dreams as a spiritual source of healing and inner guidance for your health and well-being

  • Shares stories–confirmed by pathology reports–from subjects in medical research projects whose dreams diagnosed illness and helped heal their lives
  • Explores medical studies and ongoing research on the diagnostic power of precognitive dreams, including Dr. Burk’s own medical research
  • Includes an introduction to dream journaling and interpretation techniques

Your dreams can provide inner guidance filled with life-saving information. Since ancient Egypt and Greece, people have relied on the art of dreaming to diagnose illness and get answers to personal life challenges. Now, dreams are making a grand reappearance in the medical arena as recent scientific research and medical pathology reports validate the diagnostic abilities of precognitive dreams. Are we stepping back into the future as modern medical tests show dreams can be early warning signs of cancer and other diseases?

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos has spent years studying and teaching about dreams. A three-time breast cancer survivor whose premonitory dreams diagnosed her cancer, she credits her survival to conventional treatment combined with her dreams as a diagnostic tool. Kathleen is one of 20 case studies from a paper on precognitive dreams that diagnosed breast cancer recently published in a medical journal. She lives in Palm Beach, Florida. kathleenokeefekanavos.com

Find your Passion. Follow your Bliss!

03-14-18  Find your Passion. Follow your Bliss!

How we each earn our living and why we chose our professions. What have we learned about ourselves? Its only work if there is someplace else you’d rather be. Do what you love and never work. Through love and caring we make other people’s lives better.

Conversations with an Angel, author Charlie Siegel, grandson of Dr Bernie Siegel

02-21-18  Conversations with an Angel, author Charlie Siegel, grandson of Dr Bernie Siegel

Charlie Siegel is an author of inspirational fiction with a spiritual touch. Designed to uplift and heal, his works tug on the heartstrings and call to us all to rise above the heaviness and the doldrums; to find those things that call to us in life, that inspire us and help us to live as our true selves.

His first book “Conversations with an Angel: A story of healing through the passageways of grief” was released in 2017 and he is already at work on his next piece. He has a profound belief in the guardian angels and love of spirit that surrounds us, which expresses itself in his writing, where he blends fantastical experiences with everyday life, to help people to find the magic and inspiration surrounding them and within themselves.

With a background in inspirational poetry, his work often has a soothing flow to it, with a use of original and descriptive metaphors that paint a picture for the reader, not only of the scene involved, but of the meaning therein. His works are often archetypal, designed to connect with issues or struggles many may experience, and offer help and guidance to work through them and learn the lessons life can teach us, efficiently and effectively. Charlie says, “I often feel like fantasy tales help us to make more sense of the world around us. They can take huge, meaningful aspects of life and let us experience them through other characters in a more fantastical environment, which allows us to better learn from and process our own experiences in life.” He works to share lessons he is grateful to receive from his longtime study of the spiritual outlook, and carry on in the footsteps of his ancestors through his own practice of writing.

Charlie was raised in a spiritual environment, honoring nature and respecting the spiritual energies of the Universe. His grandparents on both side walked a spiritual path long before his birth, with his grandfather Dr. Bernie Siegel founding Exceptional Cancer Patients and teaching of the mind-body connection, while his grandparents on his mom’s side taught meditation and spiritual development classes throughout the northeast. His mom Jane started Wisdom of the Ages in Simsbury, CT when he was 3 years old, and he has grown up a part of it. Working alongside her, they offer Spiritual Development Classes, Meditation Classes, Native American Drumming Circles and Psychic Readings through the store. They also carry a wide variety of items to help you, body, mind and spirit. They specialize in crystals and gemstones which he has studied the healing uses of since childhood. Charlie’s dad Keith is Bernie’s son and offers massages and care for the elderly as a part of home health aide and hospice career. “Here at Wisdom of the Ages, we invite you into a place created from our hearts and maintained with our passions for bettering the world around us while growing on our own spiritual paths. As soon as you step foot inside the door here at Wisdom of the Ages, you’re welcomed into a family owned and operated place of peace, where our goal is to help you be the best you can possibly be. As you venture around the store, everything you see here is a conglomeration of love for all people from both Jane and Charlie, as well as their close friends and fellow journeyers on a spiritual path.”

Charlie is also a professional nature, wildlife and landscape photographer. He owns his own business “Photography by SC”, selling his work from both the US and Iceland. He sells the largest collection of his photography, poetry and his first novel right inside Wisdom of the Ages, as well as online through social media Facebook.com/NaturePhotobySC and Instagram.com/NaturePhotobySC . He also offers downloadable formats and commercial licensing of his photography through 500px.com/NaturePhotobySC . He has featured a few images of his work of the northern lights over Iceland on the cover and some of the final pages within his first book. His purpose with photography is both to enjoy nature and to help others to reconnect with the beauty and teachings of the Earth. He can be contacted directly on social media to ask questions or order photographs as prints, greeting cards or photo canvas, or to discuss anything in regards to his written works.

Also within the Class Space at Wisdom of the Ages, Charlie runs his own small Dojo, Hikari Dojo, where he leads classes in a probationary Study Group under Roy Goldberg Sensei, sharing the art of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, a 1200 year old Samurai martial art and National Treasure of Japan. Charlie has been a student of the martial arts since he was 4 years old and is honored to take steps in this new venture, sharing this beautiful and traditional art. He is welcoming new students at any time. Classes are inclusive of all ability levels and open to anyone teens and adults with any level of experience. You can check out more info at Facebook.com/DaitoRyuSimsburyCT

Charlie hopes you find his work to be comforting and healing, and invites you to explore his photography pages and other works to further explore his personal approach to sharing The Light. Peace to you, in all ways.

A Doctor’s Frustration

01-17-18  A Doctor’s Frustration

Dr Bernie is joined by his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais for an hour of stories of when Bernie was practicing Medicine, and how frustrating it was and is now when he cannot fix everyone. Learning from mistakes. He speaks of his wife Bobbie who is ill.