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Betrayal not Personal Problem06-07-23 Betrayal – It’s Not Just a Personal Problem

Being betrayed sends you into a tailspin of shock, heartbreak, pain, and grief. Worse, it inspires a sense of shame, secrecy, and fear of judgement or blame from others. But the truth is, betrayal is not just a personal problem, it’s a societal one. Not only due to affairs that occur in the workplace, but because those struggling emotionally with the fall out of infidelity are disengaged and ineffective at work. Since 40% of relationships experience infidelity, at any given time the number of employees who are struggling has the potential to be high.

Top take-a-ways:

  • Why betrayal is a societal and mental health problem, not a personal fault, that is a reflection of the betrayer’s issues, not your own.
  • How being open about your experiences and seeking help is key to no longer feeling like a victim and setting yourself free.
  • Deconstructing the impact of Infidelity and betrayal in the workplace and what to do to combat the stigma and shame.
  • It’s time to break down the stigma and shame around betrayal, (of any sort) get honest, and start talking about betrayal and its impact both professionally and personally.

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Author, speaker and Burnout & Betrayal Recovery Coach, Lora Cheadle help women rebuild their identity and self-worth so they can find the courage to claim what’s possible on the other side of betrayal.

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