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Bernard Beitman MD02-01-23 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Bernard Beitman M.D. author of Meaningful Coincidences who like Carl Jung, the father of spiritual psychology has systematized the study of coincidence.  Bernard, graduate of Yale Medical School who did his psychiatric residency at Stanford University tells us having both an academic mind and a spiritual soul heart he merges the best of all worlds to explore the human condition, healing, and the pursuit of happiness most prominently interested in  the anatomy of a coincidence and defines coincidence types through their fundamental constituents -external events and physical events. Through meaningful coincidences emphasizes that synchronicity and serendipity though mostly positive also have their shadow side. By detailing how to record your experiences, he explains how to find patterns guiding life decisions which helps you to be ready to use them when they occur.

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