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the dr nina show08-16-22 How to Beat Bingeing Forever

Lots of us think bingeing is a forever thing. Why? Because we think we have a food problem or a food addiction, which is why it seems impossible to create change. After all, we can stop certain addictive behaviors such as smoking or drinking. But, we can’t stop eating so we think we have to struggle forever. Those beliefs are incorrect. And, transformation is possible. It’s a matter of changing your mindset and finding the right path to break free from bingeing.

If you think bingeing is about willpower, control, or food addiction, think again. In this episode, I break it down and show you:

* Why dieting is not the answer (and what is)
* How to crack the code of emotional eating
* What to do about loneliness
* How to challenge all-or-nothing thinking

Implementing these tips will help you stop emotional eating, free yourself from guilt and shame, and create a life a life of happiness and lasting freedom.

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