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Deborah Beauvais, owner of Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & The Love By Intuition Show welcomes Author Doug Ten Rose this Saturday March 29th at 2pmEST/12pmMT. See listening info below.

Reincarnation227Topic: Why are so many people running away from things that aren’t chasing them? Doug Ten Rose, Author of Reincarnation Through Common Sense

If you put the writings of Kerouac, Chopra, Hunter S. Thompson, Castaneda, Black Elk, Will Rogers, Gandhi, and a clown in a blender with 500 lbs. of additional hallucinogens and a time machine, you would have the writings of Doug Rose.” Doug “Ten” Rose is the author of two books – Fearless Puppy On American Road, and Reincarnation Through Common Sense. He has organized charity projects involving governors, senators, rock stars, and major league sports teams. “Ten” has also been a heroin addict and drug dealer, worked as a juvenile and psychiatric outpatient counselor, in factories, construction, and environmental outreach. All author profits from book sales are donated to sponsor Tibetan Monks, Nuns, Lamas, and their causes.

From the Chapter “The Morning Walk” —
At daybreak several Monks, Mr. Mee, and I walk together. Sometimes we walk silently, sometimes laughing and joking. Joking in sign and body language often makes the laughter sound louder and last longer than joking in spoken language would.

However light our mood appears, a deeper energy is building toward a much greater gravity. It feels something like those first few songs a band plays to build the atmosphere in a club before people actually start dancing. We walk down the Temple’s dirt road into the network of narrow paths that have been carved by machete to connect the village. The paths contain sharp rocks, sticks, and the occasional deadly cobra or scorpion. I’m the only one wearing shoes.

All profits from his books will be donated to sponsor Wisdom Professionals including Tibetan Monks and Nuns. Ten, as he likes to be called, will be sharing his life stories with us. With his colorful language and style of writing he is most entertaining, yet quite sincere in his message.

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